STUDIOLITE [SLT] is an international collaborative of architects, urban planners, designers, artists and thinkers. We believe in a multidisciplinary and personalized approach in all fields, and strive for design excellence and invention in every one of our projects.

Our scope covers design strategies from urban planning, to architecture and interior design services, as well as product and graphic design and more generalized design consultancy and business strategies. We are firm believers in the collaborative nature of design problems, and work with other well-known groups and institutions to deepen the success of each project on every level.

Made up of designers from different backgrounds around the globe, we strive to achieve the best solutions for every project through careful collaboration with clients. We are firm defenders of strengthening existing urban and natural contexts through functional optimization, sustainability, and the promotion of social structures and successful business strategies, all through careful planning and execution. As designers, first and foremost, we are committed to bettering our environment through innovative solutions so they may strengthen and help develop our communities, and make the world a better place.


SLT聚集了海内外大批优秀的专业设计师,紧密合作,并同客户密切合作, 致力于为每个项目寻求最佳方案, 利用跨学科带来的协同效应积极 :优化业态功能,强化城市环境,促进可持续环境,推进开发策略的商业成功,打造传承文脉并激励社区居民的优美建筑。

SLT服务范围涵盖了城市设计与战略研究,城市规划、建筑设计,室内设计及设计管理工作, 提供相关专业的设计咨询与产品定位服务;同时与国内知名设计集团和项目当地的技术机构紧密合作,最高效率的完成项目的深化与运营。

SLT合作的甲方包括哈佛大学,纽约规划局,上海世博会,加拿大国家水岸开发集团,路易威登集团(LVMH), 香港新世纪K11,北京奥林匹克公园,开心麻花集团,宝矿集团,香港南丰集团,首钢集团以及省市县各级政府等等。