STUDIOLITE is proud to reveal photographs and images of our design for the first Lady M store in Mainland China.

Following a fruitful and creative collaboration with the passionate team at Lady M China, the store has finally been unveiled at the IFC mall in the bustling heart of Shanghai.


The interior design was borne from both the company’s original, clearly defined visual identity and a blend of subtle elements from its cultural inspirations.

Lady M’s products are a carefully crafted collection of ideas and techniques which emerged from the vibrant constellation of New York’s gastronomic world whilst honoring both classical French and modern Japanese patisserie.

By combining clean modern geometry and pure materials with more romantic details, the design of the store brings together the atmospheres and traditions of distant eras and lands, blending them into a cohesive whole, just like the delectable cakes on display.

At the front of the store, a curved counter opens towards the mall, standing among a delicate weave of steel, light, and marble which expresses elegance, lightness, and the careful craft that is a staple of Lady M.

Inside, long sofas and colorful seating give a cozy, slightly eccentric hint to the pure interior, creating a bright and exciting backdrop: the ideal setting for a delicious and unforgettable experience.

SLT Partners with Lady M Founder Ken Romaniszyn at the VIP Opening Event

See and learn more about the store and its design here