Partner / Design Director 合伙人/设计总监


瑞士洛桑联邦理工学院 / 建筑科学硕士
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology / Master of Science in Architecture

瑞士洛桑联邦理工学院 / 建筑理学学士
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology / Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Dual-citizen of Switzerland and the USA, Alex is a registered architect in Switzerland and a member of the Swiss Institute of Architects and Engineers (SIA).

His professional path brought him from Switzerland to China where he worked at MAD Architects, and subsequently to New York City in the USA. Alex has worked on many award-winning projects, including Asia’s largest private museum and the Harbin Opera House. He has also contributed to several super-tall residential, hospitality, and interior design projects in Manhattan and Dubai, as well as residential, healthcare, and public projects in both Switzerland and France.

Interested in the relationship between data, new technologies, and architectural and urban futures, Alex has always expressed great interest in the urban and architectural development of contemporary China. His thesis explores the future of China’s urbanization during the next twenty years, and he continuously seeks to push research and development to augment design.

瑞士与美国双国籍。以全校第一名的成绩毕业于瑞士洛桑联邦理工学院 (EPFL),获得建筑科学硕士学位。瑞士与欧洲注册建筑师。

参与的项目:2011-12在瑞士、2012在中国 、2014年在美国工作,参与了许多获奖的项 目设计,包括亚洲最大的私人博物馆—中国平潭艺术博物馆、哈尔滨歌 剧院和工人文化中心、位于曼哈顿和巴黎的高层住宅设计、位于迪拜的 商业休闲空间的室内设计。在瑞士工作期间,由于市场的需求,曾参与 多个学校和老人疗养中心的设计工作.

在校期间的建筑设计作品曾经在2010年上海世博会的瑞士馆展出。抱着 对中国城市发展和建筑风格的极大兴趣,在毕业设计中深度探讨了中国 城市化的历史和未来的发展。