Partner / Director of US Office – 合伙人/美国办公室主任


哈佛大学设计学院 / 城市设计硕士
Harvard University Graduate School of Design / Master of Architecture in Urban Design

哥伦比亚大学建筑规划与保护学院 / 建筑学硕士
Columbia University-Graduate School of Architecture / New York + Paris program

俄勒冈大学 / 建筑学+室内设计学士
University of Oregon / B. Arch, Architecture and Interior Design

Having appeared in the New York Times, and holding a Masters in Urban Design from Harvard University, Dan has been a visiting scholar at the university of Berlin and repeatedly been recognized by the American Institute of Architects and other international awards.

During his career, Dan has worked for companied such as LVMH (Louis Landmark) and top design firms like Perkins+Wil, Hart Howerton, Barkow Liebinger and others.

Dan has nearly a decade experience in public spaces, educational facilities, urban design, sports, entertainment and transportation hubs, as well as different types of international experience and business development strategies from 20 different countries.

纽约时报专题报道设计师, 哈佛大学城市设计硕士,柏林工业大学访问学者;曾多次获AIA美国注册建筑师协会大奖及其他国际大奖,与LVMH(路易名轩)等国际顶级公司直接合作,在Perkins+Will,Hart Howerton和Barkow Leibinger等知名事务所有着公共空间、教育设施、城市设计、体育娱乐和交通枢纽等不同项目类型的近十年的国际实践经验,是国际顶级商业开发谋略者与设计师。作为一个全球旅行者,曾经旅行过20多个国家.